Dr. Adley Mark Fernandes
Dr. Adley Mark Fernandes
Department: Medical Laboratory and Histopathology Unit
Specialty: Specialist Clinical PATHOLOGIST
Language: English
Board Certificate: Doctor of Medicine(MD(Pathology)).

More About The Doctor

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DR. Adley completed his Specialisation in PATHOLOGY  in 1997.Thereafter  he worked in various hospitals and private medical laboratories in Mumbai,India including as an Assistant Professor in 2 medical colleges  teaching undergraduate medical and dental students.

From 2001 he worked in a large hospital under Ministry of Health in KSA as Clinical cum Anatomical Pathologist.He independently operated the histopathology section and  reported on a whole range of skin,gyneacological and gastrointestinal specimens including biopsies.He reported on numerous Gyneacological pap smears as well as performed and reported on all types of FNACs.He was also incharge of the infectious diseases serology section besides overseeing the hematology and clinical chemistry sections.

From 2005 he worked in Dubai UAE as Pathologist in one of the biggest clinic groups in Dubai until 2007 end.

After this he was attached to Biosytech Medical laboratory as specialist Pathologist.During his working career in the UAE he has been attached to International Modern Hospital,done a short locum in Welcare Hospital besides being attached to various laboratories both standalone as well as those attached to ambulatory care centres.

He is well versed with different types of Laboratory Accreditation and has been instrumental in achieving as well as maintaining accreditation of the places hes associated with.

His areas of interest are Hematology,Cytology,Quality control aspects of laboratory medicine


Extensive experience in all branches of laboratory medicine including Anatomical Pathology and cytology in India,KSA and UAE