Dr. Nael Al Shal
Dr. Nael Al Shal
Department: Radiology and Imaging Department
Specialty: Head of Radiology department /Consultant Radiology-Vascular and Interventional Radiology
Language: English,Arabic,French
Board Certificate: M.B. Bch in December 1982, Cairo University M.SC Radiodiagnosis on November 19, 1986, Cairo University Diploma of Angiology, Caen, University, France, May 1990 D.E.A of Radiodiagnosis and Interventional Radiology, Paris University, France, November 1990 M.D. Radiodiagnosis, Cairo University, May 1993

More About The Doctor

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Dr. Nael has more than 25 years of post-qualification experience in radiodiagnosis working with medical professionals, groups and facilities providing medical services with facilities like MRI, CT-Scan, Digital Fluoroscopy, Ultrasonography, Mammography and bone Mineral Densitometry.

He is well-organized able to prioritize and generate results to achieve organizational objectives within time expectations and skilled communicator able to maintain cultural sensitivity, establish rapport with other medical staff and promote team cohesiveness.


Interest of local Fibrinolysis in the Treatment of Intravascular Occlusions in 1990, Caen University France.
Immediate versus deferred angioplasty in acute myocardial infarction, Cardio-stim Conference,France June 1990.
Value of Doppler and Velocimetric Studies of Internal Mammary Arteries prior to Coronary bypass Surgery presented in Toulouse, France in June 1990.
Laser Angioplasty in Arterial Disease, France, June 1990.
Balloon Angioplasty of Iliac Arteries Long Term Results published in Journal of Radiology (French)1990.
Local Fibrinolysis of Occluded bypass in Touquet, France, October 1990.
Supra-Aortic Fibrinolysis, November 1990.
Coronary Angioplasty, Caen France, 1991.
Establishment of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Strategy Book, Published in 1993.
Carotid Angioplasty and Stenting Book, Published in 1996.
Role of Ultrasound in Diagnosis of Supraspinatus Tendonitis, Published in Acta Radiological Scandanavia in November 2, 2002.
Musculo-Skeletal Ultrasound Diagnosis and Intervention Book, Published in 2004.
International Musculo-Skeletal Ultrasound Course, Paris 2005 to 2006.
Systematic Approach to Musculo-skeletal Disease by Ultrasound – Learning curve.Recognized in European Community since 2006 to date, as arranged on annual basis.
In addition, more than 24 articles and publications in variety of Inernational Periodicals in the 7years.
Diagnostic Radiology:
- All kinds of techniques and interpretations of general radiology.
- All kinds of ultrasound including abdominopelvis studies, TVS, TRUS, Doppler of all territories, musculoskeletal sonography, Hydrohysterosongraphy, all kinds of guided techniques.
- All CT studies including perfusion studies, CT angiography of all body.
- Very long experience in techniques and image interpretation of MRI of CNS, MSK, Body and Chest.
- Special experience in Cardiac MRI, Performance of the 1st case ever of MRI of a patient having pacemaker.
- Very long experience in Nuclear medicine.


House Officer, Cairo University Hospital in 1983 – 1984.
Intern in Orthopaedic Department, University of Copenhagen, February 1983.
Resident in Radiodiagnosis at Cairo University Hospital from 13 / 03 / 1983 to 27 / 03 / 1987.
Clinical Demonstrator at Cairo University from 27 / 03 / 1987 to 18 / 08 / 1987.
Assistant Lecturer in Radiodiagnosis at Cairo University from 18 / 08 / 1987 to 10 / 11 / 1993.
Assistant in Radiodiagnosis and Interventional Radiology at Caen University Hospital, France, May 16 / 12 / 1988 to 16 / 12 / 1991.
Certified Radiologist in General Hospital of Saint Lo in France from 16 / 12 / 1991 to 16 / 12 / 1992.
Lecturer of Radiodiagnosis at Cairo University from 10 / 11 / 1993 to 29 / 12 / 1998.
Assistant Prefessor of Radiodiagnosis, Faculty of Medicine from 29 / 12 / 1998 to 22 / 02 / 2005.
Prof. of Radiodiagnosis, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University from 23 / 02 / 2005 to date.
Consultant Radiologist at Dr. Erfan Bagedo Gen. Hospital, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia from 29 / 08 / 1998 to 07 / 03 / 2012.
Consultant Interventional Radiologist, Head of Radiology Department and Medical Imaging, Dubai, UAE from 02 / 02 / 2012 to date.
Administrative Consultant for Strategic Planning Ministry of Health and Population in Cairo, Egypt from 1996 to date.
Technical Adviser to the Ministry of Health, Cairo Egypt from 1996 to date.
Moderator and Coordinator of Ultrasound Research and Development Practice in Egypt from 1998 to date.
Member of the French Association of Angiology since 1999 to date.
Member and External Examiner of College of Interventional Radiology, Paris, France since 1999 to date.
Visiting Professor and Lecturer of Radiodiagnosis and Interventional Radiology, Group of Faculties of Medicine, Paris – France from 2001 to date.
Research and Development Planner in Nuclear Physics Research Center, UNESCO Paris since 2006 to date.
Member of American College of Radiology (ACR) USA since 2002 to date.
Member of Radiologic Society of North America (RSNA), USA since 2002 to date.