Suhad ALshawabkeh
Suhad AL Shawabkeh
Department: Diet and Nutrition Department
Specialty: Dietitian
Language: English,Farsi
Board Certificate: Bachelor's degree in Food Science and Technology Muta University /Jordan

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She worked in most famous private Hospital in Amman Jordan Hospital post graduation in 2006 till 2008 as a specialist dietitian for bariatric patients post surgery, and then she moved to live in UAE the place that she were born and start working in RAK private hospital in Ras alkhaima till 2010. Then she joined the VLCC international weight Management group AS Slimming and wellbeing Dietitian till 2014.
Finally in 2015 she joined Al garhoud private hospital as a Dietitian specialist for IN-patient & out-patient.
She is a part of Pediatric Diabetes Clinic & Bariatric Surgery Clinic in Al garhoud private hospital


Bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Technology Muta University /Jordan


DHA Licensed Dietitian