About Emergency Department

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24/7 Ambulatory and emergency services provided close supervision of specialized high qualified ER –Physician with well trained ER-specialized nurses-ambulatory/Emergency Department is integratly equipped with all required medical equipments, machines &devices e.g.: ECG, BP, Monitors ,DC shock machine glucometers, Nebulizers….etc With a comprehensive ambulance service supported with fully equipped ambulances and professional medical & paramedical staff. GPH Emergency Department provide 24/7 specialist services for Obs/Gyn and pediatric patients

Useful info and health tips

Emergency healthy tips

  • If patient having fever should immediately seek Medical attention. because fever is one of clinical symptom of underlying infection  in the Body . so it is advisable to patient if they are running fever should seek medical attention. Diagnosing and Treating the Infection Early Reduces the complications.
  • Avoid  Over the counter Purchase of Antibiotics  always consult your Treating Doctor. unnecessary use of Antibiotics use increases the resistance and sometimes can give fetal Drug related allergic Reactions


Dr. Farah Nofal Al-Nafoosi
Emergency Department
Head of Emergency/ Specialist Emergency Medicine
Dr. Tsolag Basmajian
Emergency Department
Specialist Emergency Medicine
Dr. Sara Altyb
Emergency Department
General Practitioner
Dr Hamid
Dr.Abd Al Hamid Mohammed
Emergency Department
General Practitioner