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About Bariatric Department

Our Bariatric Surgery department of weight loss clinic Dubai in GPH offers full assessment and optimization to the Bariatric Patients. All patients are assessed for Metabolic and hormonal disorders and the appropriate management plan is decided accordingly by the Bariatric team We offer both Surgical and non Surgical procedures, Endoscopic and Laparoscopic single-port surgery is also available as part of the weight loss surgeries. After the Surgery patients are followed up by a team of Dieticians and Internists, as well as Cosmetic support. Procedures provided:

Treatment of Obesity:

Non- Surgical Procedure:
• Endoscopic Gastric treatment
• Endoscopic Gastric Balloon/Balloon Capsule
• Endoscopic Endobarrier
• Endoscopic Gastric Plication(Pose)

Laparoscopic Procedure:

• Omega Loop Surgery
• Gastric Sleeve
• Gastric Bypass
• Gastric Band
• Duodenal Switch
• Biliopancreatic Bypass
• Scopinaro
• Plication

Useful info and health tips

Calculate How Much You Should Lose
• Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) by writing entering your weight and height into a BMI calculator available on various websites. Calculated manually, you will divide your weight by your height. BMI will calculate whether you’re a normal weight or obese.

Change Your Eating Habits
• If you find that you’re overweight or obese, you should change your eating habits by following the weight loss tips from experts of our weight loss clinic Dubai. Eat more lean meats, fresh, leafy vegetables, and reduce the portions. Cut out excess sugars, salts, and fats. Drink more water to keep hydrated and feeling full

Eat Regularly
It’s important to eat regularly and avoid skipping meals. If you skip meals, your body will store more fat than if you eat small, light, and nutritious meals throughout the day. Exercise Regularly If you are obese, you may think that exercise is something you cannot possibly do. However, a sedentary lifestyle is contrary to the weight loss tips you must follow. Start out by sitting and lying exercises, eventually working up to standing and moving exercises. This will help burn extra calories and speed your weight loss.


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