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Best Urologist in Dubai, UAE

About Urology and Men's Health Department

Urology Clinic in Dubai

Urology & Men’s Health Department at Al Garhoud Hospital applies the best practices and cutting-edge technology in treating disorders of the kidneys, ureters, bladder, prostate, and male reproductive organs. At HMS Al Garhoud Hospital, we have the best urology department which offers the services of some of the urologists in the region supplemented by advanced diagnostics and skilled support staff. The urology services offered include treatment for men’s health dysfunction in addition to prosthesis implants, male infertility, and prostate enlargement treatment with the most advanced laser technology in the world. The specialized services in the Stones Clinic include stone breaking by extracorporeal shock wave lithography (ESWL) and laser treatment for all types of stones besides percutaneous nephro lithotripsy. Advanced treatment for all urological cancers by endoscopy and surgeries is also offered in this department. To experience the highest standards of urological care, schedule a consultation with the best Urologist in Dubai at Al Garhoud Hospital.

The Urology Department at HMS Al Garhoud Hospital diagnoses and treats problems of the male and female urinary tract as well as the male reproductive system. Patients with urinary problems, sexual dysfunction, prostate disease, cancer, and other conditions are treated individually by our expert Specialist urologists. Because of our urologists' extensive experience and knowledge, we are able to provide the best urological therapy for both common and unusual urologic disorders.

Male Urology Services

  • Problems with the prostate (enlargement, inflammation, cancer, etc.)
  • Urinary tract infections are infectious disorders that affect the urinary tract (all types of bladder, kidney infections and infections of male genitals, sexually transmitted diseases, genital warts, etc.
  • Erectile dysfunction and libido loss diagnosis and treatment (sexual desire)
  • Fertility issues (reduced semen quality, etc.) as well as hormonal issues (low testosterone)

Female Urology Services:

  • Neurological disorder of the bladder
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Urinary incontinence, etc.
  • Uterus problems

We provide pediatric urological Services also.

Our Main Urology Services

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Penile Prosthesis implantation

  • Premature ejaculation, male and female sexual dysfunction

  • Male infertility, Andropause (Male menopause)

  • Penile curvature, anomalies, and indurations

  • Treatment of Prostate Enlargement in the early and advanced cases with LASER therapy.

  • Stones: Non-invasive stone breaking by ESWL and also LASER treatment.

  • Treatment of urinary incontinence in males and females and treatment of painful bladder syndrome.

  • Treatment of all Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

  • Urologic Cancers and using Immunotherapy.

  • Management of prostate gland problems (Medical and Surgical treatment)

  • Prostatic infections.

  • Management of kidney and bladder Tumors

  • Pediatric Urological problems

  • PCNL and bladder stone crushing

  • Endourology

  • All urology-related issues

Useful Info and Health Tips

Healthy tips from the  Urology Hospital in Dubai. Do you know that taking cranberry juice keeps away urinary tract infections? And taking promenade keeps your prostate healthy. Drink water and stay hydrated all the time. This will help flush the toxins out of your urinary system.

Dr. Ismail AlKhalidi

Medical Director / Consultant Urologist

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Dr. Ismail Hassan

Consultant Urologist and Men's Health

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