Dr. Mahantesh Magadum

  • Department: Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Department
  • Languages Spoken: Hindi, English
  • Specialist: Specialist Orthopedic & Sports Surgery
  • Availability: Full Time

More About The Doctor :

Dr Mahantesh Magadum is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in complex shoulder, knee, and hip replacement surgery as well as arthroscopic surgery,and sports injury surgeries
After graduating from Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College in Belgaum, India, he specialized in orthopedic surgery from Kasturba Medical College, Karnataka, India. He then went on to Institute De La Main in Paris, France where he received a fellowship in shoulder arthroscopy and shoulder joint replacement, and then a Master Fellowship in shoulder arthroscopy from the Orthopedic Learning Center, Chicago, Illinois, USA. He was also clinical observer in the Department of Orthopedics, South Shield Tyneside District Hospital, South Shield, UK.
Dr Magadum is currently working as a specialist consultant orthopedist at AL GARHOUD Specialty Hospital, , Dubai. Prior to that he has held several posts and headed orthopedic departments in various prestigious hospitals in India including HOSMAT, Apollo and St. John’s Medical College.
In addition to his clinical interests, Dr Magadum has attended several courses and meetings. He has been involved with research activities and has authored several publications and given presentations in India, Italy, Australia and USA.


    Practice Emphasis
    Joint Replacement
    Arthroscopic surgery
    Medical School

    Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Belgaum, India
    Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, Karnataka, India

    District Civil Hospital, Belgaum
    Kasturba Medical College Hospital, Karnataka, India

    Master Fellowship in Shoulder Arthroscopy surgeries at Orthopedic Learning Centre, Chicago, Illonis, USA
    Clinical observer in Department of Orthopedic, South Shield Tyneside District Hospital, South Shield, UK
    Fellowship in Shoulder arthroscopy and shoulder joint replacement, Institute De La Main, Paris, France



    • Management of Polytraumatised patients
    • Interlocking nailing for limb fractures open and closed techniques
    • Open reduction & internal fixation of common limb fractures
    • Closed reduction and stabilization of fractures & dislocations
    • Dynamic hip screw fixation
    • Reconstruction nailing in complex fractures
    • Pelvic fractures fixation
    • Actabular fracture fixation
    • AO Method of Fixation of intra articular fractures
    • Limb reconstruction and stabilization methods
    • Pedicular screw fixation for spinal fracture stabilization
    • Debridement and external fixation of open fractures
    • Enders Nailing
    • Tendon repairs
    • Spinal decompression &posterior stabilization in spinal trauma
    • Small fractures bone fixtion by mini fragment plates

    Joint replacement / Adult reconstructive surgeries
    • Primary total hip replacement
    • Primary total knee replacement
    • Primary total shoulder replacement
    • Primary total elbow replacement
    • Primary Birmingham hip resurfacing
    • Revision total hip replacement
    • Revision total knee replacement

    Arthroscopic surgeries
    Shoulder Arthroscopy
    • Diagnostic shoulder surgery
    • Arthroscopic sub acromial decompression
    • Arthroscopic acromioplasty
    • Arthroscopic bankart repair
    • Arthroscopic rotator cuff tear repair
    • Diagnostic and therapeutic knee arthroscopy

    Knee Arthroscopy
    • Diagnostic Knee arthroscopy
    • Arthroscopic meniscectomy
    • ACL + PCL Reconstruction
    • Osteochondral defect repair
    • Synovectomy

    Wrist Arthroscopy
    • Diagnostic wrist arthroscopy
    • Arthroscopic ganglion excision
    • Arthroscopic Ligament repair

    Ilizarov experiences in
    • Infected non-union of tibia &femur
    • Deformity correction of long bones
    • Comminuted intra-articular fractures of tibia and femur
    • Congenital Pseudarthrosis of Tibia
    • Tumour surgery of long bones
    • Arthrodesis of knee and ankle
    • Limb lengthening of tibia , femur, humerus

    Hand and Micro Surgery
    • Duputryen’s contracture Release
    • Tendon transfers and tendon reconstruction
    • Carpal tunnel release
    • Toe transfers
    • Nerve repairs