Dr. Shayesteh A.Baghi

  • Department: Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Department
  • Languages Spoken: English
  • Specialist: Specialist Orthopedic (Sports Medicine)
  • Types of Physician: Full Time

More About The Doctor :

She is a specialist orthopedic surgeon and member of American Academy of Orthopeadic Surgeons, with long and vast experience over 17 years in the region and abroad. She built a strong reputation for providing knowledgeable yet compassionate care.
Her interests include reconstructive surgery of the joints, arthroscopy of the knee, shoulder, and ankle, ligamentus and meniscal injury of the knee, Treatment of Back and neck pain and all types of bone and joints
Fractures and other injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, children’s fractures, treatment of work-related injuries, sport injuries and many other conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis, foot deformities, Hallux valgus and other foot and ankle injuries.
In addition Dr shayesteh also stay up-to-date attending numerous continuing medical education lectures and skills labs during the year. she is proud to offer her patients the latest techniques and care in orthopedics and sports medicine.
This includes advanced arthroscopic techniques and minimal-invasive surgeries.
She has also special interest in the osteoporosis (fragile and weak bone) which is very commune in ladies with different ages. Being as the only female orthopedic surgeon in the region she has enormous experience and lectures in diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the diseases.
She is dealing with all sport related injures including running, jugging, swimming, driving and others in both amateur and professional level, which includes surgical treatment and rehabilitation process.


    Specialist orthopedic surgeon.
    Specialist Bone and Joint surgeon.


    specialist orthopedic surgeon and member of American Academy of Orthopeadic Surgeons.