Dr. Manal Fahham

  • Department: Neurology and Neurosurgery Department
  • Languages Spoken: English,Arabic
  • Specialist: Specialist Neurology
  • DOH License Grade: Full time license as “Neurology Specialist” at Dubai Health Authority (DHA) • Al Garhoud Private Hospital Europa EEG in Diagnosis & Management of Epilepsy • By Prof. Walter van emde Boas Europa on Clinical Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapy • By Prof.J. Frens
  • Availability: Full Time

More About The Doctor :

Dr. Manal Fahham’s family comes from a line of Doctors and Engineers. Her paternal and maternal grandfathers were Doctors, while her father and brother are engineers. Growing up in Damascus, she began displaying responsibility at very young age. Thus, it has become her habit to multi-task while taking care of her siblings, doing chores and studying. She is known by peers with her positive and upbeat personality, especially her sense of leadership, patience, perseverance, and a proactive team playing spirit.
Since early childhood, she attended Franciscan School for nuns, but she graduated from Ahmad Al-Sabbagh High School. Upon discovering her interest in advising, healing, and treating people, she decided to enroll in Damascus University to study Medicine. She quickly made bonds with teachers and students whom she highly admires and looks up to. She was taught by best and most inspiring teachers in the country, and made sure to acquire many life skills, as she prepares for her future. Unforgettable memories were made; from the fascinating tests and experiments, to the acquaintances who kept her company, those years were essential for her self-development and socialization, which she slowly began adapting to.
After completing her university degree, Dr. Manal married Omar Kanawati, an economist and businessman. He has many talents, both artistic and sporting. His practical experience with her human experience met a unique intellectual encounter, and a constant dialogue. She moved with her husband to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Initially, she worked at Al-Shatiee Hospital as a volunteer Doctor, but few months later, she was promoted as a Full-time Neurologist at Dr. Erfan & Bagedo Hospital, and King Fahad Specialty Hospital. From there, her journey began, lasting over 20 years. Then, she moved to work at Saudi Arabian Airlines Medical Services until 2010, where she and her family moved to Dubai soon after. With her background experience spanning over 25 years, her contentment remains as she comes home spending the evening with her family. She has 3 children together: Abdul Karim Kanawati (29) is studying abroad to become a doctor. Jude Kanawati (25) completed her bachelor’s degree in Public Relations. Batool Kanawati (16) is currently a high school student (11grade). In addition to Zamzam Mo’allem Yousef whom the family took in since 1993, few months after fleeing the civil war in Somalia. She currently lives in England, working as a Family Counseler. She’s married and has one child.
Various cases and illnesses had been conducted anoverlooked by Dr. Manal such as:
✓ Covering and following up with
– neurological consultation from other specia
including Adults and Pediatric
– Neuro – emergency Cases (ER & ICU)
✓ Headache, differential diagnoses & managemen✓ Epilepsy disorders for adults & children
✓ Back pain, cervical pain, muscle diseases &
✓ Multiple Sclerosis, Disease of Spinal Cord, and
✓ Diseases of Cranial & Peripheral Nerves,
Alzheimer Disease & Other Dementias
✓ Myasthenia Gravis, Fatigue, Anxiety & Depressi✓ Experience in-treatment of spasticity, involuntar
movement and Parkinson
✓ Dealing with neurological diseases in aviation
Medicine, from both medical and medico legal
✓ “Geriatric care & Bedridden Patient Managemenas part of the home health care
✓ Management of Siquala of drugs addiction
(neurological & Psychological)


    M.D, Damscus University 1987
    • Specialty Certificate in Neurology, Damascus 1995


    Member of the American Academy of Neurology (AAN), and the European Federation of Neurology Society (EFNS) 

    Lecturer & Participant in the “Continuous Medical Education Program” • Erfan & Bagedo Hospital and Saudi Medical Center, Jeddah- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia