Dr. Bassam AlMasri

Departments: Internal Medicine Department
Languages: English, Arabic
Speciality: Specialist Internal Medicine
Availability: Full Time
Board Certificate: Membership of the three Royal Colleges of Physicians (UK) London, Edinburgh, and Glasgow. Noninvasive Cardiologist Damascus University.

More About The Doctor:

Specialist Internal Medicine

Dr. Bassam Al Masri specialized in non-invasive Cardiology from Damascus before he completed his MRCP from the UK IN 2001. He started his career in the year 1988, working for his private clinics and teaching basic sciences at the intermediate health institute in Damascus, Syria.

After a period of four years, he moved to Saudi Arabia, to work as a medical Registrar in AlHammadi Hospital in Riyadh /K.S.A. During that period, he worked in General Medicine, ER, ICU, ICCU, Cardiac Cath lab, etc. In 1999, he associated himself with the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh in the General Medicine and Endocrinology Department which is a hospital well known in Europe.

He pursued his higher studies for MRCP during this period. After a couple of year’s stint as a Medical Registrar in Gold Coast Hospital, Australia between 2000-2002, he moved to Nambour General Hospital, Australia, a 250-bed facility, catering to a population of almost 300,000. His profile included consultation in Internal Medicine and non-invasive cardiology. He traveled to Australia in March 2003 to work in Angliss Hospital, Melbourne, as an Emergency Room Registrar where he became familiar with the management of dislocation under local anesthesia.

He was also exposed to the Management of Trauma during this tenure. He has also worked as a consultant physician in internal medicine and invasive cardiology for his private clinic for a year between September 2002 and March 2003. In January 2004, he took charge as the Head of Internal Medicine, GP, and ER Departments of American Hospital, Doha In June 2004,

Dr. Bassam joined as a consultant in Internal Medicine and non-invasive cardiology at Wadi Aldawaser Military Hospital in KSA. In this two-year tenure, his role encompassed heading the internal medicine, diabetic, endocrinology, respiratory, hepatic, and cardiology clinics. Patients with infectious diseases and other general health conditions were given expert cures under his guidance. His experience during this period also included management of diabetes and ICU units. He took charge as the Head of Internal Medicine in February 2006 in International Modern Hospital, Dubai, performing multiple responsibilities as a Consultant in Internal Medicine as well as heading the emergency room. In the past six years, he has treated patients with diseases like pneumonia, lung abscess, acute pyelonephritis, acute exacerbation of COAD, hypertension crisis, stroke, Hepatic encephalopathy, deep vein thrombosis, and fever of unknown origin. Intensive care is also given under his supervision for patients with acute coronary syndrome, ventilated patients, drug overdose such as paracetamol intoxication, complicated necrotizing pancreatitis, massive pulmonary embolism severe sepsis, etc.

At present, he heads the Emergency Room and Infection Control Committee. He has attended extensive education programs which enabled him to gain significant knowledge in his field. He has wide experience in all branches of medicine right thru from the UK to Australia and in the UAE.

Professional Membership:

  • Member of Medicine and Surgery from Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Scotland & London and Edinburgh


  • MD from Damascus University - Syria
  • Certificate of Medicine and Surgery from Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Scotland & London and Edinburgh