Dr. Ghassan Kloub

Departments: Anesthesia Department
Languages: English, Arabic, German, Slovak, Czech
Speciality: Head of Anesthesia Department / Consultant Anesthesia
Availability: Full Time
Board Certificate: Germany - Fecharzst of Anesthesia

More About The Doctor:

Anesthesiologists in Dubai UAE 

As well know medicine has advanced very much and anesthesia is a very important part of it, and because of this technological advancement in anesthesia people should no longer fear going under anesthesia with all this advancement in medicine and technology hand in hand it makes surgeries less stressful for the patients because of the Anesthesia.

Professional Membership:

  • Jordanian Anesthesia Society
  • German Anesthesia Society
  • UAE Anesthesia Society


  • MD from Czechoslovakia
  • Specialty from Germany