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A little time today can give you more time tomorrow! Fit a 30-minutes mammogram screening in your 60-minutes lunch break as half an hour could save your life.  Fill the form above to book now!

Breast Cancer Awareness

Here at HMS Al Garhoud Hospital, our multidisciplinary team of consultants offer full services to breast care including, breast imaging, breast surgery, oncology, reconstruction and therapeutic and other cancer treatments. 

Our goal is to raise awareness for breast health and breast cancer prevention, as well as screening, diagnosis and treatment for both breast cancer and benign (non-cancerous) breast diseases.

At our premises, we offer both screening tests; Mammogram screening and Ultrasound screening. Our doctors screen for any early signs of breast cancer to ensure your safety, regular screenings are the best tests to do on yearly basis. 

Tips before getting Mammogram screening:

o    Avoid having your mammogram the week before or during your period. It's possible that your breasts will be painful or swollen at this time.
o    Don’t use any type of deodorant, perfume, or powder on the day of your mammography as they may appear as white dots.
o    During your test, you will need to remove your top, so we advise to wear a skirt or pants. 

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Al Garhoud Hospital, which is part of HMS Health and Medical Services Group, provides healthcare services of international quality and outstanding performance with state of art advanced techniques. HMS always strives to achieve the highest standards of medical quality and is always keen to provide the best medical services with a group of skilled Consultants and Specialists. The Hospital is located in Al Garhoud area Dubai, which ensures easy access for patients from all parts of the Emirates and the neighboring GCC countries on account of it is close proximity to the airport.



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