Zainab Emad Abdulameer saying thank you!

Zainab Emad Abdulameer streated by Dr. Nada Hamza!!
I am Nader Abdolrazagh Mohammadi, Senior Regional Manager for Emirates Airlines. My wife, Dr. Zainab Emad Abdulameer was admitted to your institution on the 18 March and was discharged 21 March 2015. She is under my insurance which is of Category A from which we can choose any esteemed medical facility that can give us the best quality service that we are entitled. We were previously treating in an other Hospital since day 1 up to 9th month of her pregnancy but due to some unfortunate events we decided to find another facility. You were then recommended to us by my wife’s physician, Dr. Nada Hamza. To be honest, at first I was hesitant as I am not so familiar of your institution. I am very particular on almost all the details as this a very momentous and important event in our family’s life. Of course, I want the best for both of them. My wife gave birth to our first child under Caesarian Section. Our decision on having this done in your facility is a very good choice for us. You have not failed us. She was admitted in the Royal Suite Room 217. During our stay in the hospital, both my wife and daughter were very well taken care of. The care was even extended to us, the family and guests of the patient. I am very thankful of how we were attended to by all your staffs, from the housekeeping, nurses up to the doctors. I would like to specially commend Ms. Merena Thomas, who was the nurse in charge of both my wife and daughter. She really did her job well. She is always there to assist them. We are really satisfied of how she took care of them. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to you and your staffs for the admirable and satisfactory service that we got during our stay from admission up to the discharge. I believe an experience like this should not be kept quiet thus I wrote your good office to let you know.

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